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  • I am very interested in the Course. What can I expect?

    The High Performance Course comprises two and a half days of the most intensive, enjoyable and likely exhausting coaching and driving you will ever experience. The Course is structured in two parts.

    Part one is a half-day assessment drive where you will be both coached and assessed. Your half-day assessment is a two-way process and both you and your Course Manager should use the time to assess whether or not the Course is appropriate for you. At the conclusion of part one your Course Manager will either confirm that you are ready to take the remaining two days of the Course, or he will give you a suggested development plan that you should work on prior to taking part two. This approach is designed to ensure that you have a very good chance of attaining the standard necessary for you to succeed in passing the High Performance Course.

    Part two comprises two consecutive days of intensive training. The main focus of the Course is on Roadcraft-based training, using a wide variety of public roads. You will also spend half a day at a proving ground or other suitable off-road facility where you will receive coaching in higher speed cornering, braking and general car control skills. The Course content is designed to ensure you are able to accurately judge and drive to an appropriate speed for each road situation. You will almost certainly find that after the Course you will drive more slowly through hazardous situations and perhaps more briskly where safe to do so.

  • What is the typical profile of a course attendee?

    Men and women from all walks of life and of all driving age groups have successfully completed the Course. What these students have in common is a reasonable amount of road driving experience and a strong desire to improve their road driving skills. Those who have just passed their test will probably need to accumulate some additional driving experience before taking the Course.

    The best way to assess your readiness to take the Course is to take a half-day drive with one of the Course Managers.

    Whilst there is no typical profile for an attendee, Course graduates share a common value set. They are passionate about driving, open minded and committed to learning and self-improvement. They are aware that advanced training is necessary and desirable to improve road driving.

    Attitude is as important as skill.

  • I don’t drive a high performance car, is that a problem?

    No. Whilst the original High Performance Course used the high performance cars of the day, that is no longer a requirement. The focus of the Course is on you – and on making you into a high performing driver.

    High-sided SUVs, commercial vehicles and people carriers are not suitable for the on-facility limit handling but may be suitable for the on-road tuition. If you have any doubt about the suitability of your vehicle, contact your Course Manager before booking the Course.

  • I drive an automatic car. Can I still do the course?

    Yes. Increasingly cars have various types of automated gearboxes. This is not a problem but you must demonstrate familiarity with your car’s gearbox.

    It will be expected that you know how to drive a manual car smoothly and sympathetically. Dependent on circumstances, you may be expected to demonstrate this in the Course Manager’s own vehicle.

  • Does my car risk damage on the course?

    The on-road elements of the course will be well within the capability of modern cars and the risks are no higher than in your normal motoring. There will be marginal extra tyre wear from the on-facility session but you should have no concerns that wear and tear will be much above normal. In fact, through properly applying the principles you will be taught, your mechanical sympathy should increase resulting in reduced car wear in your day-to-day driving.

  • Do I need special insurance?

    Your Approved Course Manager is insured to drive your car should you wish to have a demonstration of particular teaching points whilst on road. The on-facility elements are extremely low risk but are unlikely to be covered by normal road insurance policies. Speak to your insurer – it may be possible to extend your cover if you wish to do so.

  • Will I learn how to drift?

    No. There is limited time spent on the off road aspects of the Course and this time is dedicated to the practical demonstration of limit handling situations that could arise in extremis on the road. There is no requirement to be able to drift and it will not be taught.

  • I would like to do the course, but I am not sure I am ready.   What preparation can I do?

    Many attendees will have already completed other driving courses, and may be members of the IAM or RoADAR. Both organisations can provide a good foundation for your driving improvement and will give you a head start on the High Performance Course. However, the best advice is to take that first, half-day assessment with a Course Manager.

    You should read the current editions of Roadcraft, The Highway Code and Know Your Traffic Signs.

  • I am a very experienced road driver and already hold advanced driving qualifications.  What does the High Performance Course offer me that I can’t get elsewhere?

    The Approved Course Managers are highly trained former police instructors capable of coaching to a far higher standard than that required for the High Performance Course. If you are above the normal standard they will tailor the Course to your skill level and will work to ensure that your skills are stretched, whatever your level.

  • I am an experienced track/racing driver; what would the course provide me that I don’t already know?

    The High Performance Course is primarily a road driving course. There is an element of limit handling, although this is biased to those situations that could happen on the public road. Though track/race experience will certainly help your development, additional techniques will be required to demonstrate a skilled road drive.

  • Once I have successfully completed the High Performance Course, what can I do next?

    Talk to the Course Manager as they can offer tailored coaching beyond The High Performance Course. Many graduates of the Course go on to take further training with a Course Manager, recognising that there is always more to learn.

  • I see a number of advanced road driving courses available from other providers.  What sets the High Performance Course apart?

    There are a number of reputable coaches offering to coach and teach road advanced road driving skills.

    However, the Approved Course Managers are the only people authorised to deliver the original High Performance Course and use the HPC roundel. The High Performance Course has existed for over fifty years and the Course content is constantly reviewed for relevance and quality. This constant development and accumulation of experience makes it the most complete advanced driving course available for civilian drivers.

  • I would like to share the Course with a friend; is that possible? 
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    The High Performance Course is based on one to one coaching. It is very intensive and consequently it is not possible to have more than one trainee in the car at any one time. Approved Course Managers may be able to offer shared coaching sessions, but these would not constitute the High Performance Course.

  • I live a long way from the Approved Course Managers.  Why is there no representation in the North of the UK?

    The Course Managers are carefully selected and limited in number. Unfortunately this means that the High Performance Course is unable to have representation throughout the UK.

    Although close to the main centres of population, the Course Managers are not easily accessed from all parts of the country. If you have to travel large distances to your Course it is strongly recommended that you book accommodation nearby. Your Course Manager should be able to help with recommendations.

  • I am not a UK national and I am visiting the UK.  Can I undertake the High Performance Course?

    As long as you are legally able to drive in the UK and can provide a suitably-insured and suitable car, this should not be a problem.

  • If I do not meet the required standard, will I fail the course?

    You will only be invited to take the second, two day part of the High Performance Course when you are ready to do so (based on your half day assessment drive, and any further drives you may have with the Course Manager). As a result, failures are extremely rare. In the very unlikely event you do not meet the required standard over the two days, you will be free to take further training. As soon as the Course Manager feels you have displayed the required standard, he will advise you that you have passed the High Performance Course.

  • I will struggle to do the two days of the second stage consecutively, can I split this time?

    No. Part two of the Course must be taken on consecutive days. Long experience has demonstrated that this increases the quality of the learning process.

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