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In 1966, Denise McCann, then Chairman and Managing Director of the British School of Motoring, wrote in the foreword to ‘High Performance Driving for You’ by Tom Wisdom:

“There can be few skills more satisfying than that of handling a car correctly, using its power to the full and being capable of taking advantage of every opportunity for the speediest, safest journey…we in Britain now have the world’s most traffic-congested highways.  This is where the really skilful high-performance driver comes into his own, for conditions are such that only the motorist with advanced skills and specialised techniques can hope to overcome them in safety, while maintaining a fast time.”

In the book itself, Tom Wisdom went on:

“It seems that few motorists have ever sat down and really thought about driving.  Few people have felt the joy of knowing what a car can do for you or the horror of realising what a car can do to you…..It is not enough to drive so that you do not cause accidents.  You should also drive so that you are not involved in accidents, however they are caused.  A good driver is rarely in trouble and never causes trouble.  He never takes risks because on a public road there is no such thing as a justifiable risk.  He never frightens passengers or pedestrians and his driving is smooth and easy and relaxed whatever his speed.  He concentrates always on the job of driving and never has to take emergency action because he deals with potential emergencies before they arise.”

The High Performance Course went on to embody these ideas and principles.

The syllabus set out herein sets out skills and competencies that will be taught on the High Performance Course, and the standard needed to successfully complete the Course.

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