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The High Performance Course comprises two and a half days of the most intensive, enjoyable and likely exhausting driver coaching you will ever experience.  Throughout the Course you will receive one-to-one coaching from your co-driver.

The Course takes place in your own car, predominantly on the public road.  However, you will also spend half a day on a proving ground or other suitable facility, to provide a safe environment in which to receive coaching on higher speed cornering, braking and general car control skills.


What to expect from the Course

The Course is structured in two parts, the first being a half-day assessment and the second being a two day coaching and assessment session. 

The following subjects are covered with a blend of theory and practice, with the emphasis being firmly on learning through experience:

  • Attitude and behaviour
  • Pre-driving checks
  • Use of vehicle controls, including smoothness and the use of the accelerator, clutch and gears, braking and steering
  • Roadcraft and the Driving Plan
  • Observation
  • Hazard Management
  • Cornering and Positioning
  • Overtaking
  • Concentration
  • Maintaining progress
  • Multi-lane roads

The full Course syllabus can be found here.


Booking your Course

When you are ready to book your initial assessment, please contact either of the Course Managers to discuss your experience and make the appropriate arrangements. You are free to select either Course Manager according to your own preference and you may wish to speak with both of them prior to committing to a particular Course Manager. Contact details


Preparing for the Course

Many Course attendees will have already completed other driving courses and may be members of advanced driving organisations. This is not, however, a prerequisite for taking the Course. Before undertaking the Course you should read the current editions of Roadcraft, The Highway Code and Know Your Traffic Signs.

Whilst there is no typical profile for an attendee, Course graduates share a common value set.  They are passionate about driving, open minded and committed to learning and self-improvement.  They are aware that advanced training is necessary and desirable to improve road driving.  

It is important to emphasise that the right attitude is as important as driving skill.


After your Course

You will receive a written report which will discuss your achievements in the various disciplines covered by the Course. The report will also note any areas for further development. You should receive your report within fourteen days of your completion of the Course.

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