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The Event - Saturday 27th July 2024

The aim of the day is to give you an exciting and educational experience which will give you, hopefully, a ‘taster’ of what driving at a very high level is all about, so that you are encouraged to develop further your own driving skills. The day will involve a mixture of driving on public roads and discussing driving techniques in a classroom setting. The event is run by the High Performance Course Managers, who have enormous experience of coaching drivers to the very highest standards.

Particular focus will be given to two key areas of driving - cornering and overtaking. Clive Jones will run a session on how to ‘read’ a bend and position for maximum safety whilst maintaining pace. Carole Graham will discuss overtaking, using video clips to give insight into how to position and read the road for this most difficult of manoeuvres.

Out on the road, you will have two sessions sitting alongside one of the Course Managers or a graduate of the High Performance Course. First, they will drive you in their car to give a demonstration of the high standard of HPC driving, and encourage a discussion about aspects of driving as they emerge. Afterwards, you will drive in your own car on a similar route, and whilst not offering tuition your co-driver will offer feedback and advice after the drive. The goal is to raise your awareness of driving techniques and hopefully inspire you to take your driving development further. Course graduates tend to bring a range of interesting motor cars, from classic Alfas to modern Porsches, Minis and BMWs.


The Towcestrians Sports Club, near Towcester, close to Silverstone [View Map].


The day costs just £40.  HPC subsidises the event to keep the cost low.  Catering is provided (tea and coffee throughout the day, bacon baps on arrival and sandwiches for lunch).

The Team

The event will be led by Andy Morrison and Clive Jones, who are the High Performance Course Managers, supported by graduates of the High Performance Course.


It is recommended that you purchase and study Roadcraft, the police drivers’ manual – it is the ‘bible’ for all advanced driving. In addition, check out the High Performance Course syllabus.


If you are 30 years of age or less, hold a full driver’s licence and are interested, please [register here].